Successful web projects begin here.

Let's gather your requirements, add water and stir.

Your Project


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Let's face it. There's something thrilling about beginning a new adventure in web development. During our first planning interview we map out your requirements and develop a plan to reach your dreams.

We're with you every step of the way.

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Your Online Presence



Clean effective design presents your message to your readers. Using simple and effective organization your ideas shape the content shared with your clients and site visitors.


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Layered Web Development


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Concept, Presentation and Software layers power your project. These three layers work together in Layered Web Development to create successful projects that meet your requirements.

Clean power.

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Your Project

Getting the Conceptual requirements right.

Getting your requirements defined at the beginning of your web project is the most important first step.
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Your Requirements

What do you want your site to do?

Every project is different.
You are different.
What you dream of for your site is unique, and we take the time to learn from you what that is

The planning stage is the most important part of beginning a successful project.

We manage all of the technical details of your project so that you do not have to worry about any them.
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What about the technology?

We know that web technology can be confusing. Don't worry, we are not going to overwhelm you with technical details, it's our job as professionals to take care of those for you.

We will cover a short series of questions about your site, and then we can choose what our next best steps will be.

During the Conceptual layer developing a timeline for your web project is part of the process.
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How long will this take?

We use our experience from all of our projects to determine a reasonable time line for development. Naturally some phases take longer than others, and the key to successfully completing the development phase is regular communication.

Your Online Presence

Carefully crafted with love.

Mobile-first responsive design for greater accessiblity.
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Mobile First Design

Mobile First Responsive Design

Mobile-first responsive design for greater accessiblity puts you on the cutting edge. Users search the web 50% or more of the time on mobile or tablet devices. This just makes sense.

Responsive Design Included

All of our projects include a Mobile-first Responsive Design that we prepare for our clients.

This will provide you with an excellent foundation to begin your project.

Content Management links your team to your clients and site visitors.
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Content Management

Leveraging CMS (Content Management System) capabilities puts the power to communicate with your clients and site visitors at the fingertips of your writers.

CMS Included

All of our projects include a CMS dashboard where you may edit site content.

We'll pair you up with a CMS that fits you and your team, then train a member of your team so that she can train others at any time.

eCommerce solutions for your online store.
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eCommerce Catalog

Prepare your online store for success on a robust eCommerce platform. We tailor custom eCommerce solutions, data processing and payment gateway integration to get your store operating seamlessly with the rest of your business.

Power your online shop
  • Shopping Cart
  • Catalog
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Your online shop fully equipped

Layered Web Development

The secret sauce we use for successful projects.

The conceptual layer maps out the requirments we cover
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Conceptual layer

We Begin With The Conceptual Layer

We focus on the message you wish to deliver to your clients.

  • During this stage we work with you to define the requirements for your project
  • Clearly defined requirements are the most important ingredients for success.
  • Getting a clear idea of where we are heading defines our next steps
Design Layer

Design Elements Define the Presentation Layer

You may have noticed on this page that our design elements are kept clean and simple. We use font pairings, icons, some bits of color but the real graphic elements are the images we have used to help you focus on the content in each section.

These are the main elements of modern web design. We build with these to strive

for clean, highly accessible content that renders well on any device: smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops as well as very large presentation screens.
  • Mobile-first design concepts enable your users to access your web assets from any device.
  • By developing for mobile devices first, our design elements will be kept simple, clean and elegant.
  • This approach works for all devices, smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and even projection to very large formats during presentations
The presentation layer is defined largely by the imagry and font pairings we use.
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We design the software layer after first completing the conceptual layer and the presentation layer so that everything fits together nicely as a complete application.
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Software Layer

Technology Fits Your Goals in the Software Layer

We provide the power for your project with modern technologies to meet your needs.

  • Content Management System
  • Shopping Cart Development and Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom API Development
  • Virtual Private Servers in the Cloud
  • Ongoing Managed Web Development

Let's Talk

We work with you on your project every step of the way:
(470) 322-5645
  • A small but dedicated team
  • Highly agile and flexible
  • Mobile-first Design included
  • CMS Dashboard included
  • Layered Web Development
  • You're going to love your new web project
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Sophia Solutions Atlanta Georgia

Sophia Solutions provides clients in Metro Atlanta and coast to coast cutting edge web site design, and web development for growing businesses since 2001.

Located in Atlanta Georgia we support clients with the development of database driven web sites as part of complete turn key packages including ongoing Managed Web Development for continued support to keep things running smoothly.