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Some notes about early projects and how they were developed.

Julie F Wilson Decatur Psychological Therepy and Counseling

Decatur psychological therapy and counseling web site
The web site for Julie F Wilson's Atlanta area decatur?psychological therapy andJulie F Wilson Psychotherapy Decatur Atlanta Areacounseling practice utilizes a custom database-driven catalog of recommended reading titles for her clients that links directly to amazon.com to make it easy for her clients and readers to find the titles she has found most helpful for them. plans are in the works to add a custom calendar to assist clients in choosing time periods that are available to schedule appointments.

My Dolls Story Online Magazine

My Dolls Story Barbie, Fashion and Celebrity dolls online magazine web site My Dolls Story Starring Barbie, fashion and celebrity dolls in life stories created by Atlanta writer and photographer?Toni Burrough. In over 40 stories and 420 scenes of doll dioramas, this online doll magazine features the finest collection of Barbie, fashion and celebrity doll dioramas online.? This eZine site utilizes our my WebSuite content management system to facilitate frequent updates and adding new stories monthly.

Advantage I Realty

Advantage IWith their new web design, Atlanta's Advantage I Realty began turning their properties over in weeks rather than months, with a record-breaking year in sales.

Their site utilizes our CMS my WebSuite content management system which enables the site owners to upload photos to the site, enter listing information online, providing a new listing on their site in minutes.

Child Care Atlanta

Child Care Atlanta Web DesignThe Child Care Atlanta web design was the first database web site design we developed.? The site has gone through some changes over the years, but still runs on the original programming serving up child care information for Atlanta and throughout Georgia.?

One of the site's main attractions is the database driven bulletin board for finding babysitters and nannies.


484music.com music CD catalog site, enjoys a full content management system web design set-up with multiple ways to search their484 Musicinventory.

The site employs an Amazon.com affilates membership and offers hundreds of world music and world fusion CDs as well as links where visitors may sample selections from the artists' repetoires to assist them in making their choices for great music.

Recordings from all over the world are featured on the site, in multiple categories that may be searched in the site's database-driven catalog.

484music.com hit #1 at Google and Yahoo in March 2002 for "circuit/dance cd" and later for "music CD".


Antiques AtlantaThere will always be a warm spot in our hearts for this site, one of our first database web design sites that serves up the latest offerings in antiques, art and collectibles.

The site features Items Wanted, links to antique and collectible sources and authorities and has attracted 1000 visitors weekly.

Antiques Atlanta for years enjoys a top 10 ranking with the 10 major search engines for "antiques atlanta".


Web Design

We really haven't come up with a formula for web design for our clients in Atlanta and nationwide that will suit each individual client. Typically we engage in an initial phone meeting with our clients that generally lasts 40 minutes to an hour, but may last several hours,? to explore what they wish to accomplish and determine the best way to achieve that end.

While many of our clients live in Atlanta, we also have many that live in states across the nation, so that phone meetings provide the most concise way to deal with client's requirements and expectations.

Identifying our client's unique qualities lends as much toward the final design as our own sense of what's cool and effective in the latest developments of web design. 

You may have noticed that we've broken just about every rule of thumb in web page design in the layout of our home page.?

There are many pictures on one page, the site's content can all be found here, and there's not really much navigation to other pages, but for this little off-beat custom design company, it was just the ticket.

The site visitor gets a pretty good idea of our design sense, and after all we don't wish or expect to engage every client in the world, just the ones who think we're as cool as they are.


Your identity on the Internet
The strength of your Internet presence depends primarily on the strengths of your web design team, and their capabilities in SEO, graphic arts, web programming and the collective arts known as web development. The fact is, much like anyone can play the piano, anyone can build a web page.?

To afford your business the presence you deserve, you will undoubtedly engage a professional who understands and can communicate your identity to your site visitors.

Technologies of Web Development

HTML technology
A very significant consideration before one purchases a web site: ?
HTML technology. ?

Our work with search engine optimization includes the development of HTML and? meta tags, a very significant part of your web design. Without the significant development of HTML, the search engines do not have the index of information contained in your web site. ?

To succeed in your strategy, the development of HTML that search engine spiders will find tasty provides a significant portion of an intelligent web page design, as well as beautiful art and graphics in the design of your web site.

We busy ourselves with all the details necessary to complete the HTML work for your web design as well as other considerations necessary in HTML technology which give you a fighting chance on the Internet with your web site. ?

Many of our client's web sites have risen to earn positions #1-10 in their categories in the principal search engines.?For our clients the development of HTML and meta tags contribute a strategy to be deployed to succeed with exposure in the principal search engines.

check out this example:
go to Google.com and enter "cutting edge web design atlanta"?
to see search results for "cutting edge web design atlanta"

See what I mean? We thought it would be rather cool to get into the top listings for this category, although not many potential clients are going to locate their designers seeking "cutting edge web design atlanta".

But other web designers will search that category, and we enjoy a bit of fun now and then.

Dynamic Web Pages
We use programming technologies such as the VBScript and PHP programming languages to provide solutions for our clients, and couple these with programming frameworks, such as CodeIgniter and Cake PHP.

We develop custom solutions for database driven web sites and? eCommerce electronic trade to enable you to reach and serve your customers.

Programming technologies effectively treat your business clients online with care, by providing you the movement of information between people and you.

Programming Technologies
Data-management solutions start with the deployment of a VBScript or PHP programming installation to handle information input and retrieval, password protection for member's area information, managing log in and log out, security concerns, image galleries, messaging, file uploads and display, as well as eCommerce.

VBScript and PHP both provide the solution to present great quantities of information or products to the visitors to your Web Site as well as personalization for your customers in dynamic web pages that update themselves as soon as new entries are added.?

Typically PHP is employed for sites that will live on CentoOS/Red Hat servers and VBScript for sites that will live on Windows servers.

JavaScript Technology
As the Internet develops, so too does the art of web page design.?

Javascript provides the solution for attractive effects and personalization for your clientele as well as providing dynamic content and navigation considerations for your web design. Also, JavaScript provides the interaction for your business and your customers on the Internet.

Over the last few years a tremendous leap forward arrived in the form of jQuery, a subset of the JavaScript libraries that enable web pages to do some very nifty things without using a ton of code.

We specialize in jQuery deployment and use it to solve problems, including displaying information after a user has made some of her selections, when we want the information on the page to change without having to go to a new page.

Managed web development
In addition to the programming technologies of HTML, PHP, VBScript and Javascript for the development of your basic needs for data and information handling,? we offer complete Managed Web Development packages, including programming and search engine optimization, web hosting, web site maintenance, plus database backup and maintenance to protect your investment against the involuntary loss of information.

Contact us and we can discuss creating one of these custom packages to provide your business with the web representation you need.

I welcome any further inquiries you have,
Stephen Mareches

Technical Product Manager
Sophia Solutions
Atlanta Georgia USA
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August, 2005

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