Small Business Database driven sites

Web Design Suited to Small Business

We specialize in web development and design for small business, tailoring every aspect of your project to meet your expectations and your budget.
Web Design and Development tailored to the needs of Small Business
Are you losing customers because you lack professional online representation?
While much of the web development industry concerns itself with large accounts in both intranet and Internet development, Atlanta's Sophia Solutions  concentrates on the needs of Small Business

By offering features and development that would normally price themselves beyond the reach of Small Business, Sophia Solutions has produced web sites which allow Small Business owners to take advantage of high end features like VBScript and ASP programming and database driven web site development. 

We ourselves are a Small Business which faces the same online problems and challenges: fluctuating economic times, new developments within the Internet community and competitors with deep pockets.

One characteristic of people in the US has been to root for the underdog!

We take pride in offering top quality web development and services to Small Business owners both throughout the metro Atlanta area and across the United States to give them the same advantages larger companies enjoy. 

Feel free to contact me with your requirements for your Small Business web design and development.

Stephen Mareches
Senior Application Developer
Sophia Solutions
Atlanta Georgia