Web Development Design Considerations

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Web Design Considerations

The main points to consider in web design

myDesign/Build Project

Nationally known as an expert in Design/Build Business Training, Joe Dellanno wanted to enhance the design/build experience for his clients with an online web application that would require no new software for users, but would allow them to share files, messages, upload documents, plans, pictures, zip files, PDF files, in short, everything associated with clients projects that the entire team could share.

We began the project in August of 2003 and in seven months had completed the original beta testing and subsequent build out of the 13 modules the site required, in addition to 4 marketing modules to clarify My Design/Build Project's many features. 

By far our most ambitious project yet, this site turned into a little monster that rocks with a mySQL database serving up the dynamic info needed, and providing scalability for a very large membership for this national site.


This upbeat online personal counseling and advice web site features a powerful combination of a psychologically targeted color scheme and a database interface to allow their counselors to advise their clients and provide solutions to help them overcome personal problems in their lives.  

We thought at first the split complimentary green and purple color scheme might be a bit risky, but the end result produces a pleasing effect to help soothe stressed out individuals and encourage them to relax and take advantage of a helpful staff.


484music.com enjoys a full product catalog for circuit dance, top 40, and new release CDs, Upcoming Events, Rusty's Picks, David's Picks and a full eCommerce set-up with multiple ways to search their inventory.

Sales on the site process credit cards using secure servers straight to their own bank.

484music.com hit #1 at Google and Yahoo in March 2002 for "circuit/dance cd"
and later for "music CD" and "top 10 CD"


There will always be a warm spot in our hearts for this site, one of our first database-driven sites that serves up fine antique furniture, as well as upcoming auctions in Atlanta. 

The site's features like Items Wanted, links to antique and collectible sources and authorities, have attracted 1000 visitors weekly.

Antiques Atlanta enjoys a top 10 ranking with the 10 major search engines for "antiques atlanta".

Web Design
Philosophy of Web Design

We really haven't come up with a formula for web site design that will suit each individual client. typically we engage in an initial session our clients that generally lasts 40 minutes to an hour, but may last several hours,  to explore what they wish to accomplish and determine the best way to achieve that end.

Identifying our client's unique qualities lends as much toward the final design as our own sense of what's cool and effective in the latest developments of web site design. 

You may have noticed that we've broken just about every rule of thumb in web page design in the layout of our home page. 

There are many pictures on one page, the site's content can all be found here, and there's not really much navigation to other pages, but for this little off-beat custom design company, it was just the ticket.

The site visitor gets a pretty good idea of our design sense, and after all we don't wish or expect to engage every client in the world, just the ones who think we're as cool as they are.


your identity online
The strength of your Internet presence depends primarily on the strength of your web developers. The fact is, much like anyone can play the piano, anyone can build a web page. 

To afford your business the presence you deserve, you will undoubtedly engage a professional who understands and can communicate your identity to your site visitors.

Technologies of Web Design

HTML technology

A very significant consideration before one purchases a web site: HTML technology. HTML is the code that was developed to run the Internet.
Our work with search engine optimization includes the development of HTML and  meta tags, a very significant part of your web design. Without this significant development of HTML the search engines do not have the index of information contained in your web site.  

To succeed in your strategies, the development of HTML search engine spiders will find tasty  provides a significant portion of an intelligent web page design, as well as beautiful art and graphics in the design of your web site.

We busy ourselves with all the details necessary to complete the HTML work for your web site design as well as other considerations necessary in HTML technology which give you a fighting chance on the Internet with your web site.  

Many of our client's projects have risen to earn positions #1-10 in their categories in the principal search engines. for our clients the development of HTML and meta tags contribute a strategy to be deployed to succeed with exposure in the principal search engines.

check out this example:
go to Google.com and enter "cutting edge web design atlanta" 
to see search results for "cutting edge web design atlanta"

See what I mean? we thought it would be rather cool to get into the top listings for this category, although not many potential clients are going to locate their designers seeking "cutting edge web design atlanta".

But other web designers will search that category, and we enjoy a bit of fun now and then.

As the Internet grows, so too do the normal requirements for the development of HTML web pages. Today we work in an advanced form of HTML known as XHTML which delivers your information in a more concise manner, making it easier for us to accomplish faster page loads as well as feeding search engine spiders with more nourishing tidbits that aren't bloated with unnecessary coding. 

While the older versions of HTML web pages will display properly online if they are well written, by combining well developed CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XHTML we develop sites that offer a cleaner delivery of your site's content for your visitors. 

Programming Technology

We use two principal Programming Technologies to provide solutions for our clients: VBScript or PHP coupled with JavaScript frameworks, and lavish use of jQuery to add the frosting to the cake.

We develop custom solutions for database deployment and  eCommerce electronic trade to enable you to reach your customers and move them through your online payment gateway. 

Programming technologies effectively treat your business clients online with care, by providing you the movement of information between site visitors and your services or merchandise, and make it easy for people to find and purchase their selections .

We also have taken on projects for the reengineering of the programming which had become muddled by inexperienced web developers and designers.

VBScript and PHP Technology

Data management solutions start with the deployment of a programming installation to handle information, password protection for member's information, as well as Content Management and eCommerce.

We use VBScript or PHP  for these applications.

VBScript and PHP programming provides the solution to present great quantities of information or products to the visitors to your Web Site as well as personalization for your customers.

JavaScript technology

As the Internet develops, so too does the art of web page design. 
Javascript provides the solution for attractive effects and personalization for your clientele as well as providing dynamic content and navigation considerations for your web site design. Also, JavaScript provides the interaction for your business and your customers on the Internet.

JQuery technology

jQuery utilizes a combination of a subset of JavaScript and AJAX to accomplish what not that long ago we only dreamed of being able to do. For instance, your user chooses a Category from a drop down menu, and instantly the Sub Categories for the selected Category appear, without the user having gone to a new page.

For slide show presentation jQuery gives us an elegant scripting platform to work with that will display entire slide shows with a single click that your site visitors may enjoy while they view a wide selection of images that are relevant to your content. 

Managed Web Development

In addition to the technologies of HTML, VBScript and Javascript for the development of your basic needs for data and information handling,  we offer complete managed web hosting packages, including web site maintenance, database backup and maintenance to protect your investment against the involuntary loss of information.

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