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Custom Web Design
custom web development
Web Design for Skilled Hands Builders Newago MI
Database web design for content management system to provide online galleries that highlight specialties to web site visitors
Online file sharing and communications system project produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Contractors, Home Owners, Skilled Trades file share and communicate 24/7 online
Custom Web Design
Web Development for Design/Build Professionals
Custom design/build professional web design produced Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Cool beach colors enhance presence for Jacksonville, Florida design/build remodeling contractor conveying the quality of their work and the design/build process
Custom Web Design
Ecological Group
Ecological Green Space project web site produced Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
This Dayton ecological preservation group provided us with a an image of what they wanted for the design for their home page and we built out the entire web site design to match.
Custom Web Design
Web Development for Design/Build Professionals
Custom Web Design Morgan Contracting Salem CT by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Web site design utilizing our My WebSuite content management system, great search engine ranking for years in natural search results, provides their site visitors with image galleries of their projects.
Atlanta Web Design
Custom Web Design
Jamaican restaurant site produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Pure colors, simple lines make this striking compact web site design work.
Custom Web Design
Web Design Concept Piece
Wine Review concept piece produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Concept piece for Sonoma Review Southern California vintners and collectors news web site design
Custom Web Design
Web Design Concept Piece
Fashionable salon concept pieced produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Fashionable salon web site design.

Atlanta CMS Content Management System Development with Joomla and Custom CMS

The Joomla Content Management System puts total control of your website's content at your fingertips, and is currently one of the best options for a Content Management System available today. You have the option to create Categories, publish Articles, upload Images and Videos, and decide what content will display on your home page.

Joomla CMS provides a great platform for our Atlanta Content Management System clients, as well as clients nationwide.
The Joomla Content Management System (CMS) does take some time to learn, but with one of our custom installations we can have you up to speed in using your new CMS in about an hour with a personal tutorial In our phone meeting we cover how to Add, Edit and Delete content for your website in a matter of minutes. Joomla has undergone some very vigorous development and currently is built on a MVC (Model View Controller) platform written in PHP.
Content Management System (CMS) gives website owners a flawless online system to easily manage their website content.
With the advent of Content Management Systems publishing website content got a whole lot easier.

Our clients in Atlanta and nationwide enjoy the ease of use CMS offers, and love the fact that they can update text and images without having to pay fees for web site edits.

CMS is the answer if you have the need to keep your website content fresh and up to date, and often is a more economical solution for businesses getting their web presence online. For instance, if you want to add a new web page with content you simply log in to your Joomla CMS, create a new Category, then create an Article, assign it to your new Category, and you're done! Joomla will present your new category as its own web page, with your new article as its content.

We specialize in building custom designs for Joomla installations using a new design, and then creating the programming and files necessary to use your new design for your Joomla CMS so that everything is set up for you in one package. This affords you very economical website development, and eliminates the costs of the web design work that would normally be necessary to build your additional web pages. 

The latest versions of Joomla are built on a powerful MVC (Model View Controller) platform that brings the Content Management System to the forefront of modern PHP programming development, and also lends better security and performance for the website application online 

We also provide Managed Web Hosting for your Joomla CMS, a truly turn-key solution for your website and CMS development needs so that you can concentrate on what content you want in your site without having to spend weeks figuring things out.

Users Quickly Update Website Content
The process used in a typical Content Management System works quite similarly to opening a file in a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office Write. The user is presented with a Text Editor that works on several form fields. You'll have a field to give your article a Title, Intro Text and the Full Text for your article.

No Software to Download or Install
Website users of a CMS do not need to download or install any software on their own PC. They simply log in online, go to the section where they wish to create or edit content, and in a matter of minutes your latest updates are available online.

You Choose What to Publish
A good CMS like Joomla also has a publish option, where you control what content for your website is available and when it will be viewed by visitors to your website.

For instance, your team can work on an article for as long as you like, and keep it unpublished until you are ready for it to go "live". You then change the Publish status for that article, and it's available online immediately.

Options Available For Our CMS Clients
Our clients enjoy the following options to choose from when they acquire a custom CMS installation:
  • You may use a pre-built template for your web design
  • You may present us with a graphic of how you want your design layout to look and for nominal fees we will create a design for your CMS that is then used in all pages of your CMS content.
  • We provide you with a personal tutorial session by phone to go through the CMS and how to use it.
  • We set up your CMS to make it as easy as possible for you and your staff to use the online interface, so that you may quickly create new content and edit the content currently online
If a Content Management System sounds like the answer for your oneline web presence, contact us, and in about 20 minutes we can review your needs and outline a solution that will have you up and running as quickly as possible, with a system that will serve you for years to come without spending a fortune.

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You will want a combination of sophisticated web design and ease of use for your web site.

Your web site provides an intimate setting where you inform and communicate with your clients to establish your identity.

Web Development takes many forms including programming, scripting, database development, graphic arts, copy writing, search engine optimization and usability studies as well as the fundamental web page design.

We provide all of these for you in a package developed specifically for your web project.


Your project will be completed entirely in-house from start to finish through the following services we offer our clients:

  • web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Development
  • Web Site Re-Design & Upgrades
  • Custom Programming
  • Web 2.0 Web Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web Site Copy Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Database Development
  • Managed Web Hosting

Through the use of technologies we provide your clients and site visitors the experience of easily interfacing with your company.

We utilize skillfully crafted web technologies to reach the people who want what you have to offer.

These technologies include

  • XHTML web page development
  • CSS (Custom Style Sheets)
  • PHP, Java and VBScript programming languages
  • CakePHP and CodeIgniter MVC (Model/View/Controller) programming platforms
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • MySQL databases
  • Joomla, WordPress and Drupal CMS (Content Management System)
  • Windows and Linux Servers


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