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Custom Web Design
custom web development
Web Design for Skilled Hands Builders Newago MI
Database web design for content management system to provide online galleries that highlight specialties to web site visitors
Online file sharing and communications system project produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Contractors, Home Owners, Skilled Trades file share and communicate 24/7 online
Custom Web Design
Web Development for Design/Build Professionals
Custom design/build professional web design produced Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Cool beach colors enhance presence for Jacksonville, Florida design/build remodeling contractor conveying the quality of their work and the design/build process
Custom Web Design
Ecological Group
Ecological Green Space project web site produced Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
This Dayton ecological preservation group provided us with a an image of what they wanted for the design for their home page and we built out the entire web site design to match.
Custom Web Design
Web Development for Design/Build Professionals
Custom Web Design Morgan Contracting Salem CT by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Web site design utilizing our My WebSuite content management system, great search engine ranking for years in natural search results, provides their site visitors with image galleries of their projects.
Atlanta Web Design
Custom Web Design
Jamaican restaurant site produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Site Design
Pure colors, simple lines make this striking compact web site design work.
Custom Web Design
Web Design Concept Piece
Wine Review concept piece produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Concept piece for Sonoma Review Southern California vintners and collectors news web site design
Custom Web Design
Web Design Concept Piece
Fashionable salon concept pieced produced by Sophia Solutions Atlanta Web Design
Fashionable salon web site design.

Search Engine Optimization a Case Study

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Web Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a Case Study Search Engine Optimization Case Study for California Bail Bond Company
California Bail Bond web site web site a case study in search engine optimization and deployment of intelligent banner ad management.

The new SS Mehr Bail Bonds california website employs extensive web development and search engine optimization.

When Steven Mehr California bail bondsman contacted us about developing a new look for their nationwide bail bonds web site, we determined that this project would be great for intensive search engine optimization. Their site has been online since 1997, so it would have the advantage of those years online, but the existing site was a pretty simple three pager.

The main idea for developing search engine optimization for the site was providing content for each state in the US with information about bail bonds in those states.

This content is the meat of the search engine optimization project, as it would provide information to site visitors about bail bonds in their state, for each state throughout the US.

Additionally we utilized the search engine optimization techniques that we've developed since early 2000 to assist the site in search engine rankings.

While many developers think they have the latest trick in search engine optimization, we've always thought treating search engine spiders with a little respect and providing them with good content are the real keys to search engine optimization. 

Database-Driven Banner Ad System
With the rather heavy competition of bail bonds nationwide web sites, we also determined that a nice intelligent banner ad system would be appropriate to serve up informational graphics that provide users with information about the services Mehr Bail Bonds offers. 

Users Quickly Find Their State Bail Bond Information
By providing a page for each of the 50 US States with simple hyperlinks on the home page, users may quickly find their state and the bail bond information they need.

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You will want a combination of sophisticated web design and ease of use for your web site.

Your web site provides an intimate setting where you inform and communicate with your clients to establish your identity.

Web Development takes many forms including programming, scripting, database development, graphic arts, copy writing, search engine optimization and usability studies as well as the fundamental web page design.

We provide all of these for you in a package developed specifically for your web project.


Your project will be completed entirely in-house from start to finish through the following services we offer our clients:

  • web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Development
  • Web Site Re-Design & Upgrades
  • Custom Programming
  • Web 2.0 Web Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web Site Copy Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Database Development
  • Managed Web Hosting

Through the use of technologies we provide your clients and site visitors the experience of easily interfacing with your company.

We utilize skillfully crafted web technologies to reach the people who want what you have to offer.

These technologies include

  • XHTML web page development
  • CSS (Custom Style Sheets)
  • PHP, Java and VBScript programming languages
  • CakePHP and CodeIgniter MVC (Model/View/Controller) programming platforms
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • MySQL databases
  • Joomla, WordPress and Drupal CMS (Content Management System)
  • Windows and Linux Servers


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